Volunteering since 1954

Never Again

The event that sparked the Indian Land Rural Fire Department

In 1953 a fire destroyed two homes, a barn and several out buildings. The community banned together to not let this catastrophe happen again and formed the Indian Land Rural Fire Department. Monies were raised by assessing a $10 fee on all homes and up to $100 for the Pettus Cotton Gin. Both Charlotte and Fort Mill Fire Department's helped train the firefighters. The Ashe Brick Company donated 8,000 bricks toward building of a fire house at the Pettus Store. A used fire truck was purchased from the Wake Forest N.C. Fire Dept. for $1,100. James Rodgers was made the Fire Chief, and The Indian Land Fire Department was in full operation in 1954. All homes and businesses paid a fee for this fire protection. The Indian Land Rural Fire Department was one of the first fire departments in Lancaster County. Since then, the Indian Land Fire Department has continued to meet the growing demands of the community for fire protection. We may have changed buildings and apparatus but our high quality of service has always remained the same , Our first interest is making sure our community has the best fire protection we can offer.” The Indian Land Fire Department also helps provide mutual aid services to neighboring counties such as York and Union County.